Wowie Booklist

In this booklist, though never complete, we attempt to capture books that guide us on how to live, manage the systems of the world, and have a little fun while doing it.


      1. Walden 
        1. This is a book focuses on rules to live by through simplicity and focus. 
      2. Awareness 
        1. This book will help you grow in self awareness and stop telling yourself lies about the world. 
      3. A Man's Search for Meaning
        1. A book about a man who survives the Nazi concentration camps and discovers something even more important than happiness in life. 
      4. The Alchemist
        1. A book about adventure and why it is essential everyone finds their purpose in life.
      5. Meditations
        1. Personal stoic philosophy from one of the greatest leaders of the ancient world.
      6. The Tao of Seneca
        1. Stoic philosophy artfully written into letters for daily reads. 
      7. Vegabonding 
        1. This book will not only inspire you to travel the world while you're young, it'll tell you how to do it on a budget.
      8. Deep Survival
        1. How to survive in the wild and why some people live and some people die. 
      9. Sapiens 
        1. An amazing summary of human history we were never taught in school. 
      10. Enlightenment Now 
        1. The case for why we are living in the best time to be alive. 
      11. Life 3.0
        1. A book on the future of humanity and what it may hold for us. 
      12. David and Goliath
        1. A book that argues that without adversity, the greats would never have been great.
      13. The Power of Habit
        1. Break a habit or change a habit. Your life can greatly improve or be destroyed by them, so why not learn how they work?
      14. Fooled by Randomness 
        1. How random life really is and what you can do about it.
      15. The Black Swan
        1. How to manage for unexpected events and systems that think they can predict. 
      16. Antifragile
        1. How to identify opportunities that benefit from randomness and long-tail events. 
      17. Skin in the Game
        1. How random and rare events are in every day life.
      18. 0 to One
        1. What it takes to start a life changing startup
      19. Never Split the Difference
        1. How to negotiate like a hostage negotiator.
      20. Pitch Anything
        1. How to pitch for millions and win the funding.
      21. The Lean Startup
        1. How to start a business that people will love with little cash.
      22. Personal MBA
        1. What everyone should read before getting an MBA. Unless you want to go be a pawn in a fortune 500 company. 
      23. How to Win Friends & Influence People
        1. How to influencer with empathy
      24. Algorithms to Live By
        1. How to make quick decisions in life use back of the hand math that stands up to years of data modeling.
      25. Mastery
        1. What it takes to be the best int he world at something
      26. The 48 Laws of Power 
        1. How to play politics and avoid people trying to play you.
      27. Superintelligence
        1. Paths, dangers, and strategies for the future artificial general superintelligence. 
      28. Revolutionary Wealth
        1. A futurist perspective on where we're going.
      29. Scrum 
        1. How to build something rapidly in half the time. 
      30. Tools of Titans
        1. A great source for the worlds top performers and their habits. 
      31. The Red Book
        1. Psychology